Are you confused and unsure of what the HSC Module C is looking for?


Our 2 part webinar will reveal all and help you become a better writer.

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Learning how to write essays as a year 11 and 12 student is an important skill to perfect. The HSC Module C: Craft of Writing however, is designed to strengthen and extend students’ knowledge, skills and confidence as accomplished writers well beyond the essay structure.

So what exactly are markers looking for and what will you be assessed on?

In this 2 part webinar, we reveal all. You will learn the skills and strategies to become a better writer of persuasive, imaginative, discursive and informative response.

In this webinar we will cover:

* Introduction to Module C for ADV and STD students
* Rubric Break Down
* Reading and analysis of language, style and form
* Reflections and its significance
* Conventions and stylistic features of persuasive, imaginative, discursive writing
* Exam style questions
* Band 6 sample responses
* And bonus tips and tricks
About the presenter:

James has been a teacher and tutor for over 15 years and has taught in primary, secondary schools and university settings in Sydney. His skills, knowledge and experience with teaching the HSC course has achieved solid Band 6 results for his students. They come away with greater confidence in analysing texts, writing creative and analytical responses as well as public speaking and presentation skills. In his lessons, James is highly engaging in develop literacy and critical thinking skills to foster a passion and appreciation for literary works.

Webinar Details:

* $10 +GST registration and attendance fee for BOTH webinar events
* Open to all new and existing students
* Registration is mandatory, so book your ticket now!
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Don’t miss out on an opportunity to become a better writer!