Do you reside in Sydney’s North, and seeking the best upper North Shore tutoring centre for your child? You have come to the right place. At C3 Education Group, we pride ourselves on our dedication to help your child set and achieve their academic goals by refining skills, boost confidence with learning, and blossom into a motivated and capable learner!

Our professional tutors aim to deliver real results.  Our philosophy is based on the trust we have between parents, school teachers and tutors to be the pillar of support for our students.  We bring over 20 years experience of educating the breadth of school aged students. Our academic commitment is to see the journey from pre-kindy, then primary and finally to high school.  Our goal is to achieve phenomenal results for you at every step of the way in the form of exams, assessments and testing, and the all-important HSC and IB exams.

Like all our campuses, we offer a suite of subjects at our upper North Shore tutoring centre, including HSC and IB English, Maths, Sciences, Social Sciences and Languages, to name a few. Our programs are designed to be rigorous but rewarding, with the aim of facilitating a comfortable and inclusive learning environment where C3 Educators encourage a growth mindset. The result? Our students achieving above and beyond their personal best, which is reflected in more than just their top marks.

The C3 Education tutoring staff is a team of highly experienced and passionate professionals who are adept in their subject area. Our ethos is in our name, C3, which stands for Creativity, Confidence and Communication – three aspects at the heart of our approach to educating our students. As a boutique learning institution, we have a number of offices located around Sydney, including a newly opened upper North Shore tutoring centre in Gordon.

The address for our new upper North Shore tutoring centre is:

Level 1, 756 Pacific Highway


To discuss how we can help your child achieve his or her academic potential, or to find out more about our services and centres around Sydney, contact us today or call 1300 235 437 to book a FREE ASSESSMENT to help you plan your child’s academic journey.