Primary & After School Tutoring – Years 3-6

Our primary and after-school tutoring programs for Stages 2 and 3 (Year 3-6) focus on applying foundational knowledge to achieve complex learning outcomes. Students will have a greater ability to solve problems, develop analytical skills and formulate opinions.

Our focus

Our focus is to provide an environment that encourages a positive approach to learning, self-reliance and independent thinking. By reinforcing the lessons received from school, students will be extended in all key learning areas of the curriculum.

Areas of concentration:

  • Confidence and strong self-esteem in verbal and written expression.
  • Fluency and advancement of reading skills.
  • Strong comprehension skills that lead to inferential thinking.
  • Creative writing and creative thinking.
  • Application of numeracy to identify, interpret and reason.
  • Fluency in all areas of mathematics.

Proven results

Confidence cannot be underrated in a child’s success and is a direct outcome of effective teachers and methodology. By developing confidence in the school classrooms, students acquire more independence in their learning and decision-making.

The success of each student is delivered through a collaborative tutoring approach between school teachers and C3 educators, parents and students. In these grade levels, students have achieved success in scholarship and selective entrance exams, especially through our intensive writing program.

To discuss the needs of your child or to find out more about our Naplan, primary or after-school tutoring programs, staff and methodology, contact us on 1300 235 437 (1300 C3 KIDS) or click here to complete our Contact Form.  One of our staff members will be in touch!