Year 3 – 6

Our in-house program is matched to the Australian curriculum outcomes that focus on strong foundation knowledge, problem solving and analytical skills to achieve complex learning outcomes across subjects.

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Our primary school tutoring is an after-school program for Stages 2 and 3 (Year 3-6). Our in-house curriculum assists students to develop their ability to make informed decisions, communicate well with others, pose questions and solve problems to achieve complex learning outcomes across subjects.

Students will develop confidence to apply practical strategies to varied learning materials to help them in school tests and assessments as they transition to high school.

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Primary school tutoring for Year 3 - 6 - Subjects we teach


Develop further understanding of grammar and language, and the skills to articulate this knowledge to build core foundations for Senior Years.


Extend key understandings in mental arighmetic and worded-problem using calculus as a basis to transition to higher order maths in the Middle Years.


Targeted Science and Math program for higher order thinking students to combine the practical and theory of biology, chemistry and physics.

Our Focus

When it comes to primary school tutoring years 3-6, we don’t just focus on teaching English or Maths, but provide a holistic approach to students’ academic and emotional well being. Positive learning environment lead to academic success.

Skill Focus

Confidence and strong self-esteem in verbal and written expression

Fluency and advancement of reading skills

Strong comprehension skills that lead to inferential thinking

Creative writing, creative thinking and creative problem solving

Application of numeracy to identify, interpret and reason in all areas of mathematics

Proven Results

A confident learner is a happy and productive one, and every teacher wants a class full of them.

Building student confidence begins in any space where meaningful learning is encouraged and supported. At C3 Education Group, whether it be online or in person classrooms we inspire confidence in Year 3-6 learners everyday.

The success of each student is delivered through a collaborative tutoring approach between school teachers and C3 educators, parents and students. In these grade levels, students have achieved success in scholarship and selective entrance exams, especially through our innovative and intensive writing program.
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