Hello Parents!

Is your child starting kindy in 2023 and you are concerned if he/she is ‘school ready?’

Are you looking for a ‘safe and fun’ workshop to prepare your child for their eventual move to primary school?

Do you want your child to build confidence and resilience as they learn about themselves and the world around them?

Is your child in kindy and struggling to grasp fundamental numeracy, literacy, and listening skills in a classroom environment?

Does your child need help to strengthen their fine motor skills for hand-writing and correct pencil grip?

Do you want a student-led curriculum to help your child better understand, focus and adapt to the rhythm of the school routine and environment ahead?

Families around Australia often ask us….

“My daughter will start kindy next year, she struggles with letter and number recognition, can you please help?”

“Is it too early for my 3-year-old son to prepare for school-readiness?”

“What range of skills are required to help when my child starts school?”

“Is the ‘school-readiness’ program at day-care centres enough to prepare my child for kindy?”

“My son is in kindy and is now trying to ‘catch-up’ with his peers in basics skills, what can I do?”

If you resonate with any of the above and you are thinking “that’s US?” – then you are in the right place because…

We have the perfect “school-readiness” workshop to develop the appropriate skills required to make an easy and successful transition into school for your child.

With over 20 years of teaching experience in Australia, we understand ‘school-readiness’ well, very well.


The “Be Confident” school-readiness workshop

In this workshop, we are going to:

  • Expand and further develop your child’s skills in the specific areas of:
    • Reading and Comprehension
    • Listening
    • Understanding Numbers and Math Concepts
  • Participate in activities to build physical skills like sitting upright or doing sit down activities in a classroom environment
  • Get a “head-start” into the new year with introduction to high frequency words aligned with the Australian kindergarten syllabus.
  • Practice and perfect fine motor skills for handwriting and correct pencil grip.
  • Develop the ‘whole child’ needed for kindy preparation – their social and emotional skills, physical skills, communication skills and cognitive skills.

What people are saying

Ha Min has improved a lot since she's started C3 and she always looked forward to attending class every week

Ha Min C(Pre-K, 2021)(Mum - Janet C)

We love the tutors and the program. Lawson has learnt how to recognise words and sound them out. He comes out of the lesson beaming and shows me his wonderful pencil grip and hand writing. Thank you

Lawson L (Pre-K 2022)Mum - Shab

Yi is more and more confident after her lessons. She loves to learn at C3

Yi Z. (Pre-K 2022)

Olivia has always been eager to learn new things. We like how C3 was able to challenge her and the teachers are just so supportive and encouraging of her learning

Olivia L. (K 2022)Mum - Yumi L.

Have more questions?

Where is this workshop held?

As we near the end of 2022, we have received many requests for a ‘school-readiness’ program from parents actively planning for their kindy 2023 learners. You asked, we listened. This workshop will be held at our Beecroft campus in Sydney. We are running similar workshops during the school term for students across all our campuses. Please email hello@c3educationgroup.com for more information.

To ensure your child gets the most out of this workshop, we have kept the group small so be sure to get in quick and grab your spot!

My child can take a little while to settle in a new environment, can I sit in the classroom until he/she feels comfortable?

Absolutely! This is why we create these workshops, not only does it prepare your child to build independence but a great way to introduce the classroom setting and structure for your little one. Parents are more than welcome to ‘meet & greet’ our teachers and sit in the workshop for the first 5 minutes until your child is settled. Goodbyes can be hard, but rest assured, your child is in good hands and it prepares them for big school. All our teachers and staff have Working with Children Check verified and have plenty of teaching experience with early learners. They may not want to go home!

My child just turned 3 years old, is there an age limit for this workshop?

This workshop is created for 3 years and older. 3 years old is perfect to start preparing for primary school, this gives your child plenty of opportunities (and time) to grasp the fundamental skills needed for optimal learning in a classroom environment.

Many parents have found this workshop helpful for students already in kindy that are struggling with basic language and cognitive skills to help prepare them for year 1.

How is the workshop laid out?

The workshop runs over 2 weeks over the school holidays between Monday 16th Jan – Friday 27th Jan 2023.

Each week consists of 3 days, Monday – Wednesday.

Each day will start at 10am and finish at 12pm with 2 breaks throughout the day.

Content will be the different for both weeks. This allows families to choose a time most convenient for them or attend both workshops to gear up for the start of school.

The workshop has been created this way to introduce school routine with structured and unstructured activities for your child.

How much does the workshop cost?

Each week costs $250.00. You can attend both workshops for $500.00 or one workshop for $250.00. We have had families halfway through the first workshop register for the second week after seeing how much learning and fun their child was having!

The workshop runs for 3 days, do I have to attend all 3 days?

We have carefully created this guided program to cover plenty of content in just 3 days, to get the most out of the workshop we strongly encourage you to attend 3 days however, we will not be able to split the fee if you decide to attend fewer days.

What do I need to bring to the workshop?

All material and resources are provided for your child. We do recommend to pack a water bottle and a small refreshment for your child during breaks.

My child has difficulty sitting still or participate in activities for very long, will this be suitable for him/her?

Rest assured, each activity is interactive, fun and only 20 minutes long. Our guided program will keep your child engaged, collaborating, and learning through play!

Hello, from the ‘school-readiness’ team at C3 Education group!

Our team understand that starting primary school can be overwhelming for you and your child. It’s a big step for your child emotionally and mentally. Research shows that children who start school when developmentally ready to learn tend to do better in school – and it sets them up for further success later in life. This is why we have created this holistic workshop to build knowledge, skills and behaviours that will enable your child to participate and succeed in school.

Why us?

We have over 20 years teaching experience covering Australia-wide curriculum subjects from Pre-K to Year 12. We have branches in Gordon, Cremorne, Wahroonga, Beecroft, Concord, Summer Hill. Our on campus and online tutoring program is delivered to you no matter where you are in Australia. More importantly, we pride ourselves in providing a positive, effective, and holistic learning environment for students of all ages. We believe that a fun and supportive environment is where students thrive and want to learn!

In this workshop, your child will gain the confidence and skills for their first day in kindy!

Register your spot here!