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We cover Australia-Wide Curriculum subjects from Pre K to Year 12, and our online tutoring program is delivered to you no matter where you are in Australia.

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Our unique, intensive and effective “LEVEL-UP” Program does just that!

We provide school work support and extension so you can “STEP-UP” your learning levels and maximise your marks.

Our team of highly experienced educators are hand-picked to provide mentorship and a positive learning environment for every single one of our students to reach their academic excellence.

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Interactive lessons

Our lessons are live and online.  Interactive for 1-1 and group lessons. Matched to student learning goals. Our expert tutors guide lessons with practice questions and visual explanations.

Class workbook

Curriculum based workbooks, extensive library of resources and predicted exam questions. Lessons are individually curated to match learning skills and potential. No two workbooks are the same.

Progress tracker

Our lessons are live and online.  Interactive for 1-1 and group lessons. Matched to student learning goals. Our expert tutors guide lessons with practice questions and visual explanations.

We teach students from Pre Kinder to Year 12

Early Primary (Pre K – Year 2)

Our EARLY PRIMARY (Pre K – Year 2) PROGRAM focuses on strong foundation knowledge. It instils confidence and a growth mindset.

Early Primary Program

Primary (Year 3 – Year 6)

Our PRIMARY PROGRAM (Year 3 – Year 6) builds life-long habits such as perseverance, creative thinking and ability to express.

Primary Program

Middle (Year 7 – 10)

Our MIDDLE PROGRAM targets explicit learning strategies for essay writing, strong study habits and effective exam preparation techniques.

Middle Program

HSC/Senior (Year 11 – 12)

Our SENIOR PROGRAM is fast-paced and effective to arm students with a deep understanding of evolving curriculum outcomes for exam confidence.

Senior Program

IB (Year 11 – 12)

Our IB PROGRAM nurtures individual strengths and encourage personal drive that can open doors to overseas opportunities.

IB Program

Clear Audio and Video Live Instructions

Instant Visual Demonstrations on whiteboard

Immediate question marking and reviews

Huge library of practice exam questions

The most comprehensive online resources in Australia

Individually tailored Lesson Workbooks

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At the beginning of my HSC journey, I was looking at a low Band 5 for English. Through hard work, determination and support from the amazing staff at C3 Education Group, I am proud to say that I achieved a Band 6 in Advanced English!
C3 Education Group is more than just a tutoring centre; it has become a part of my family. It has become a pillar of support for my academic and personal life, for which I am truly thankful.

Daniel TranFort Street High School

It is difficult for soft spoken individuals to truly flourish in an environment such as school. But C3 Education Group has allowed me to actively engage in the content. It is a comfortable place where learning is less of a chore and definitely more enjoyable. I developed confidence in my writing and improved in ways I never thought I could.

Liz RiceMLC Burwood

Thank you C3 Education Group for getting me from a Band 3 to Band 6 in my IBSL Biology! Having only attended tutoring for 6 months, this result blew my school teacher away! The resources are concise and targeted the exact exam outcomes for me. I definitely gained lots of confidence in my IB Course.


This place is amazing! I was definitely taught well coming from a student who really struggled with Maths and English to be the top of all my classes. Thank you to Miss Geraldine, Miss Emma and Miss Christine for getting me to where I am now.

Lachlan StephensonSt Ambrose Primary School

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Are live online lessons available for all grades?

Absolutely! Live online lessons are available to ALL our students from K-12. Our tutors are super engaging and awesomely attentive!

When do the live lessons occur?

Our Live online lessons occur during our college opening hours. We are open virtually from 12pm – 8.30pm Monday to Friday and 9am-6pm on Saturdays.

What video technology is used for live online lessons?

We are proud to say that we remain at the forefront of technology to ensure our students benefit from seamless virtual lessons using both visual and audio technology. Our C3 Online Classroom has an abundance of exam relevant resources accessible to our students that are user friendly and challenging enough to keep you ahead of the academic curve.

How many students are enrolled in each live online lesson?

Our lessons cater to both 1-on-1 lessons and groups – whilst there is potential for an infinite number of students per class, we like to ensure our students enjoy a cosy learning environment where they can ask questions and interact with their tutor.

How many live lessons can students take?

We have unlimited online lessons and courses – you can enrol in as many courses during the term and in the holiday period. Look out for these courses as they come available on the C3 Online Platform.

Will students have homework, assignments and extra work between each lesson?

Students are expected to complete assigned homework. As the motto goes, practice makes perfect and the price of success is hard work and dedication. We make no apologies for tough love exercised to keep our students at the top of their game!

What are the equipment requirements for the live online lessons?

To access our online lessons, you simply need a laptop, headset and a quiet space to focus.

What is expected from parents?

All we expect from parents is to be a pillar of emotional support for your children and let us do all the hard work. We love teaching your kids so that you can be proud of their achievements.
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