How to Prepare for the HSC Creative Writing Exam

HSC creative writing

Some people have a natural flair for writing and creative ideas – however, if you’re like most students, completing the HSC creative writing exam in the space of 40 minutes can be a difficult and downright daunting task. Even if you believe don’t have a creative bone in your body, […]


How to Learn From a Bad School Report and Improve Your Grades

school report

The first semester of the year is over, and you open your school report card to find your grades are nowhere near your (or your parents) expectations. What do you do? Don’t panic – most students will end up receiving a bad school report at some point, and your academic […]


How Primary School Tutoring Can Prepare Your Child For High School

Primary School Tutoring

The transition from primary school to high school can be both exciting and daunting. The combination of new faces, new teachers, unfamiliar environments and experiences, together with the onset of puberty – it’s no wonder the result is often a high-stress situation for both students and their parents. Getting a […]


HSC English Study Tips to Ace Your Exam


With the date of the HSC finals creeping up (7 months and counting!), and trials just around the corner, it’s never been more important to fine-tune your study habits. C3 Education Group has the top HSC English study tips to make sure you ace your exam. The examination period begins […]