Hello Parents!

Do you want your child to tackle the NAPLAN exam with confidence and ease?

Does this image make your child feel overwhelmed?

Are you looking for a ‘no-fuss’ workshop on what to expect and what you need to know for the upcoming NAPLAN exam?

Is your child struggling to grasp the key components covered in the NAPLAN exam?

Do you want to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses in Literacy and Numeracy compared to their peers?

Are you quietly panicking now that the NAPLAN exam has been pushed forward from May to March 2023?

Parents around Australia often ask us….

“My daughter is in year 5, she finds reading challenging, can you please help?”

“Should my son, who is in year 2, start preparing for the year 3 NAPLAN now?”

“With the upcoming NAPLAN, what should my son focus on and how can he practise for it?”

“When should we start preparing for the NAPLAN? A year, 6 months, now?”

If you resonate with any of the above and you are thinking “that’s US?” – then you are in the right place because…

We have the perfect “school holiday” workshop to unpack the NAPLAN exam into a simpler and less daunting task for your child.

With over 20 years of teaching experience in Australia, we understand NAPLAN exam well, very well.


The “New Year” NAPLAN workshop

In this workshop, we are going to:

  • Breakdown and dissect the 4 components covered in the NAPLAN exam:
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Language Conventions
    • Numeracy
  • Cover exam strategies and problem-solving skills to confidently tackle any question
  • Get a “head-start” into the new year with school readiness revision in key areas students find most challenging
  • Practice how to answer ‘actual’ past exam questions and how to plan your time accordingly
  • Uncover the most common mistakes everyone makes when sitting for the NAPLAN exam (and how to avoid it)

What people are saying

I find the comprehension very fun because we get to read so many interesting texts and work as a team to find the answer. I like that we get to learn new vocabularies we read too. It was very fun."

SelwynYear 4

I like the way we break down every text together because I get to learn a lot of new words and how to use them in different ways. I also like that we get to come up with our own example for new words and using literary techniques.

NicoleYear 4

Maths this week has been great! I learnt more about topics that I only knew a little about.

IsobelYear 6

I learnt a lot about decimals this week, although it was quite challenging at first. My favorite part of each lesson was the warm up time table activity we did at the start of each day. We only had 3 mins so I had to go quick!

LiamYear 3

Have more questions?

Where is this workshop held?

Due to popular demand, we will hold this workshop both on campus and online. This ensures we cover students from all states and far to reach places can have access to this workshop in preparation for the NAPLAN exam.

Our on-campus workshop will be held in our Beecroft branch in Sydney.

Our online workshop will be held via Zoom.

How is the online workshop run?

The online workshop will be held via zoom, live-streaming on campus during the entire 2 week workshop. Students are provided with:

  • A Zoom link and access to their online course material
  • They will be able to see the teacher and other students
  • They will be able to ask questions and participate in the discussion

My child is in year 2, is there an age limit for this workshop?

This workshop is created for Years 2 – 7. Year 2 is perfect to start preparing for the Year 3 NAPLAN exam. This gives your child plenty of opportunities (and time) to grasp the key components and practice exam style questions.

Many parents have found this workshop is also suitable for students in years 4 and 6 to help prepare them for their years 5 and 7 NAPLAN exam.

How is the workshop laid out?

The workshop runs over 2 weeks over the school holidays between Monday 16th Jan – Friday 27th Jan 2023.

Each week consists of 3 days, Monday – Wednesday.

Each day will start at 10am and finish at 2pm with 3 breaks throughout the day.

Content will be different for both weeks, so you can sign up for one or both weeks!

Reason why the workshop has been created this way is to replicate the 3-day NAPLAN exam so students are familiar with ‘real-life’ exam situations.

The workshop runs for 3 days, do I have to attend all 3 days?

We have carefully created this workshop to cover an entire semester’s worth of content in just 3 days. To get the most out of the workshop we strongly encourage you to attend 3 days however, we will not be able to split the fee if you decide to attend fewer days.

What do I need to bring to the workshop?

Students are to bring their own electronic device (either a laptop or tablet), stationary, lunch and water bottle.

My child is in year 8, can she attend this workshop to prepare for her year 9 NAPLAN exam?

Well done for being so pro-active! Unfortunately, this workshop is only for Years 2-7, many of our years 8 and 9 students are enrolled in our Maths, English and Science courses to delve deeper into the syllabus. You’ll be glad to hear, all our courses include exam strategies, exam tips and practice exam quizzes to prepare them for any ‘real-life’ exam situations! For more information, contact one of our campuses or email hello@c3educationgroup.com

How much does the workshop cost?

Each week costs $490.00. You can attend both workshops for $980.00 or one workshop for $490.00. Each week is packed with helpful NAPLAN content, attend both and get a head start!

Hello, from the NAPLAN team at C3 Education group!

Our team understands that exam situations can be daunting for your child; particularly when sitting for their first Year 3 National exam with 60,000 other students Australia-wide. This is why we have created this workshop to unpack the NAPLAN exam into bite-sized simple segments to take the guesswork out of it. Your child will be prepared and confident to sit for their NAPLAN exam and will have the marks to show for it too!

We have over 20 years teaching experience covering Australia-wide curriculum subjects from Pre-K to Year 12. We have branches in Gordon, Cremorne, Wahroonga, Beecroft, Concord, Summer Hill. Our online tutoring program is delivered to you no matter where you are in Australia. More importantly, we pride ourselves in providing a positive, effective, and efficient learning environment for students of all ages. We believe that a dynamic and interactive learning environment is where students thrive and want to learn!

In this workshop, your child will gain confidence and skills to tackle the NAPLAN exam or any exam situation for that matter and have fun too!

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