Modern + Ancient History tutoring

C3 Education Group offers rigorous Modern and Ancient History and History SL and HL (IB) tutoring.

Modern and Ancient History tutoring

The curriculum targets outcomes that are specific to the Year 11/12 Australian Curriculum or IB topics of the respective syllabuses. Our lessons cover higher-order content to prepare for assessments and exams, as well as practice mock-exam questions to engage students with heavy course content. All our students are therefore well prepared for school lessons that ensure being on top of course work, get ahead of school and stay abreast of curriculum outcomes.  Our methodology will yield successful academic results in Year 12 (Band 6), IB (Band 7) and an optimal ATAR.

Students develop critical literacy skills, for interpreting, analysing and weighing evidence; synthesising evidence from a variety of sources and developing reasoned and evidence-based arguments. Throughout the program, students develop increasingly sophisticated historiographical skills and historical understanding; The knowledge, understanding and skills that students acquire through studying Ancient or Modern History provide a firm foundation for further study into global matters and for lifelong learning. Our program aims to foster a critical approach to understanding events, issues and interpretations as well as the effective communication of conveying ideas, judgements and evidence.

Areas of concentration

  • Develop an understanding of continuity and change over time
  • Develop the process of historical inquiry
  • Adapt historical concepts and skills to examine the past
  • Improve communication of their understanding of history, sources and evidence, and historical interpretations

Proven results

Student success is proven by achieving a personal best rather than just a final mark. Our students become better global citizens, dedicated learners and respectful individuals. As educators, we foster a ‘growth mindset’ in and beyond the classroom environment. Our success is due to the collaborative approach between school teachers and C3 Educators, parents and students. A testament to this is the top ranks achieved by our students in exams and assessments, year on year, as well as students who achieve above and beyond their personal goals.

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