Our International Baccalaureate (IB) tutoring program for Stage 6 (Years 11 and 12) is rigorous and rewarding for our students. In the IB Tutoring program, our curriculum is explicit and technically effective in supporting the teaching and learning approach to mirror students’ IB school. Throughout our lessons, our methodical approach to each IB curriculum targets student weaknesses and provide efficient and effective solutions.

What’s the Difference? IB vs HSC

  • Students must study SIX courses from different academic disciplines (English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Language).
  • Students can study a breadth of subjects with a minimum total of 10 units. These 10 units must include English as a compulsory subject.
  • Students can study a breadth of subjects with a minimum total of 10 units. These 10 units must include English as a compulsory subject.
  • Subject selection is crucial to obtaining the highest mark and is subject to scaling.
  • Students are awarded a maximum mark of 45. This is calculated as follows:
  • 6 subjects x 7 marks each + 3 bonus points from the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Extended Essay (EE).
  • Maximum mark is 99.95.
  • The top 10 units of study (including English) will be counted towards this mark


The IB Service We Offer 

  • HL/SL subjects – Targeted content that is specific to the syllabus, accounting for upcoming and new syllabus changes. Students receive comprehensive notes and resources matched to each subject.
  • Internal Assessment (IA) – Strategically plan, perfect and execute presentations, written pieces and performances that satisfy syllabus outcomes and school expectations for maximum end-of-year score.
  • External Assessment – Strategically plan, perfect and execute techniques for best exam results that satisfy syllabus outcomes and IBO expectations for maximum end-of-year score.
  • Theory Of Knowledge (TOK) – Students work with a tutor to consult and plan a targeted approach to theoretical and philosophical responses. These are applied to specific subject disciplines to create a cohesive and logical argument about an array of topics. Students are also supported in preparation for performances and presentations.
  • Extended Essay (EE) – Students are allocated a mentor/tutor in the consulting and planning process specific to your discipline and subject choice. Mentors assist with the writing process, research (including experiments) and academic reading. Students produce an eloquent and refined academic paper.
  • Internal and External Practice Exam Papers and Strategies – Countless past papers as well as exclusive in-house resources and exam papers that are not accessible publicly are provided to students. These give a range of questions and sample responses to target different sections of exams and assessment criteria.
  • How to Score a Band 7 – Strategic study tips on working effectively and efficiently through heavy course content for maximum results and outcome. Provision of mock exams and study sessions as an example of support.
  • Online Tutoring Service – this is provided to students who are time poor. Use of in-house comprehensive and secure online platform.
  • Step-by-Step – Our English, Math and STEMQUEST curriculum provides a step-by-step guide to excellence and academic success.
  • Feedback: Comprehensive feedback after each lesson that details your child’s areas for improvement.

Areas of Concentration  

  • Assess and apply technical knowledge and skills.
  • Develop a deep understanding and evaluation of curriculum outcomes.
  • Excel in written expression across a range of practice exam scenarios.
  • Time management skills.
  • Mentoring to apply best study skills and habits.
  • Encourage students to think critically