HSC Tutoring Years 11 – 12

Our program for Stage 6 (Years 11 and 12) is rigorous and rewarding for our students. We understand that making the transition to the final years of high school is an exciting but equally daunting and stressful period. Therefore, we ensure that students are provided with the tools, techniques and support for personal success.

If your child is undertaking the HSC, we have the experience, tutors, understanding and skills to ensure they are thoroughly prepared, intellectually and emotionally. In our Year 11 and 12 programs, we offer all HSC subjects. Our staff are highly experienced and passionate professionals who are adept in their subject area. This ensures that our students have access to the best teachers to meet your academic requirements.

Our focus

Through our HSC tutoring, we focus on providing highly specialised assistance for our students to achieve excellence in their subject of choice, above and beyond their personal best.

Areas of concentration:

  • Assess and apply technical knowledge and skills.
  • Develop a deep understanding and evaluation of curriculum outcomes.
  • Excel in written expression across a range of practice exam scenarios.
  • Time management skills.
  • Mentoring to apply best study skills and habits.

By feeling prepared and grounded in their studies, students can avoid the stress and pressure experienced by those without proper guidance.

Proven results

Student success is proven by achieving a personal best rather than just a final mark.  Our students become better global citizens, dedicated learners and respectful individuals. As educators, we foster a ‘growth mindset’ in and beyond the classroom environment. Our success is due to the collaborative approach between school teachers and C3 educators, parents and students. A testament to this is the top ranks achieved by our students in exams and assessments, year on year, as well as students who perform above and beyond their personal goals.

To discuss the needs of your child or to find out more about our programs, staff and methodology, contact us on 1300 235 437 (1300 C3 KIDS) or click here to complete our Contact Form.  One of our staff members will be in touch! 


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