When studying, you may be wondering about the best and most effective way of how to prepare for the IB maths SL exam. After all, there is an extensive amount of classroom materials you need to remember and understand to achieve top marks.

The most prominent error students make when preparing for the IB maths SL exam, is not reaching out to their teacher or getting help from a tutor to assist them in understanding the IB Maths materials. If you have not properly prepared and reached out for help, you may be faced with a question where you are unsure how to answer or solve the equation quickly and completely. This could potentially cost you valuable marks.

The second biggest mistake students make is leaving their studies until the very last minute, even as late as the night before the exam. By doing so, you may feel tired from studying the whole night before the exam and only remember very little of the material you have reviewed the night before. Trying to retain information when you’re tired and in such a short amount of time can often do more harm than good. This can dramatically affect your ability to perform in the exam.

6 Tips on how to prepare for the IB maths SL exam

To help you succeed in getting the best results, we have listed out these tips on how to prepare for the IB maths SL exam.

1. Use online resource

If you are struggling on how to prepare for the IB maths SL exam, we recommend looking at the many free online resources that can provide you with learning tools and study notes. These resources could be helpful in getting some new knowledge or learning different, more efficient ways of solving the same mathematical problems. In IB math for both SL and HL students, there are six key topics, HL students will have an additional topic that is from four options. By using online resources, you can be better prepared for future exams and even get a head start on future classroom topics.

2. Study consistently well before your exam

As mentioned above, you need to ensure you never leave studying till the last minute. Instead, organise an allocated time every day where you can focus on your studies. Studying regularly each day in the months approaching your exam can make a significant impact on your overall performance.

Make sure you take into consideration other important commitments in your life such as sport, socialising, family time and other hobbies. While studying will help you improve your academic skills, if you do not make time for other aspects of your daily life you will quickly burn yourself out, which is just as harmful as not studying at all.

3.  Remove all distractions during set study times

It is easy to be tempted by distractions during your studies. If you’re someone who is easily distracted by notifications on your phone, text messages, social media platforms, your pets or the people around you, it is best to remove these distractions from your study vicinity.

4. Get into study mode

Once you have removed all distractions from your study space, look at ways that can help you get into study mode. To get into study mode you could try setting a timer and making an agreement with yourself that you will focus on studying until the timer goes off, putting on a study cap, switching on an individual lamp that signals that you are in focus mode, putting on non-distracting focus music or going for a 30 minute walk before you study. All of these can help you get into the zone for learning and train your brain into making studying a habit, and priority.

5. Regularly review your classroom notes and study guide

Your classroom notes and study guide are both great resources for you to use when you are looking for how to prepare for the IB maths SL exam. It is essential to always pay attention and take in-depth notes in your maths classes as this will allow you to look at the questions down the track and help you to understand what you were writing.

Your study guide and course formula booklet will help you know what mathematical topics to focus on as these will be apart of your exam. For any additional materials that you need, you can always ask your tutor or refer to online resources.

6.  Get a tutor

If you are struggling with the maths materials, IB tutoring will be able to give you valuable one on one time that you would not get in the classroom setting. They will also know how to prepare for the IB maths SL exam and be able to provide you with a customised study plan to get you fully prepped for the test. Tutors often have additional tips and tricks that you would not usually learn in the classroom that can give you other more effective ways of solving equations. A tutor also gives you the freedom to ask for help in any issue that you may be experiencing in your subjects.

Tips for the IB maths SL exam itself

  1. Ensure your GDC (graphical display calculator) batteries are charged or you have a backup battery just in case they go flat.
  2. Don’t spend too much time on the same question if it is too difficult for you to solve. Keep time management in mind when going through each item to avoid missing out on marks from easier questions later in the exam.
  3. Write down your algebraic process. This is so that if you get a question incorrect, your teacher can see if you were on the right track and where you went wrong
  4. Learn and memorise the complete course formula booklet. Any notes that you take in this book will have to be remembered as they will give you a fresh copy when you sit for the exam.
  5. Ensure that you select the correct angle mode of degrees or radians when you come across trigonometry questions.
  6. Get a good night sleep!

At C3 Education Group, our professional highly experienced tutors have assisted many students in how to prepare for the IB maths SL exam. We aim to motivate and inspire students to achieve not only high marks but also their own personal best.

We understand that students are all unique in their learning style and pace. Enroll with us today or if you have any questions, contact our friendly customer service team.