Middle/High School

Year 7 – 10

Our high school tutoring program is an after-school program for Stage 4 and 5 (Years 7-10). It is results-driven to support academic in the National Curriculum Year 11-12 and International Baccalaureate (IB) studies.

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Our in-house curriculum is matched to the Australian curriculum objectives for strong foundation knowledge, problem-solving and analytical skills to achieve complex learning outcomes across subjects. It specifically targets explicit learning strategies for essay writing, strong study habits and effective exam preparation techniques as the key to successful academic transition into the senior years.

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High school tutoring for Year 7 - 10 - Subjects we teach


Focus on developing students’ comprehensive understanding and application of literacy skills. Ability to analyse complex texts and build essay writing strategies in preparation for senior exams.


Deeper focus in mental arithmetic and worded-problems at an advanced level. Learn to provide reasoning and present arguments from students’ proof and findings.


Targeted Science program combining the theory of biology, chemistry and physics. This program sets the foundation for HSC and IB studies in these three branches of science. It is targeted for students thinking about a Science related field at university such as Medicine, Dentistry or Engineering.

Our Focus

Our Middle Years Program supports the deepening of knowledge, understanding and skills in English, Maths and Sciences. The 3 years allow students to establish strong study habits, critical thinking and essay strategies for senior years.

Skill Focus

Confidence and strong self-esteem in verbal and written expression

Fluency and advancement of reading skills

Strong comprehension skills that lead to inferential thinking

The use of creative thinking and creative writing to analyse problems in text or mathematics

Fluency in sophisticated and refined mathematical understanding, reasoning, communication, analytical thought and problem-solving skills

Proven Results

Stages 4-5 (Years 7-10) of learning are critical in engaging a collaborative approach between teachers, parents and students. Each year, our students pride themselves on achieving Dux of their school, attain top ranks in their subjects of choice and win out-of-school competitions and scholarships.

By developing their confidence and refining their academic skills, your child will become more adept at navigating and excelling in their school environment to tackle the challenge of upcoming final High School years.

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