full tuition scholarships for high school students

If your child is approaching their final years of primary school, you’re likely thinking about the next step in their education. Choosing a high school is one of biggest decisions you will ever make for your child. It determines the quality of tertiary education they will receive, as well as the teachers and students they will be surrounded with on a daily basis. When it comes to choosing a high school, the annual tuition cost is often the number one consideration. Unfortunately, this means many parents end up enrolling their child in a school that isn’t suitable for their child, simply because it’s affordable and in their local area. Awarded to children who are gifted in academics or other areas, full tuition scholarships allow parents to broaden their options and make the right choice. Read on for 7 benefits of full tuition scholarships for high school students.

1. It reduces the financial burden

reduces the financial burden

A full tuition scholarship means all of your child’s academic fees are covered for their six years of schooling. The average annual cost of tuition at a private school is between $23,000 and $40,000, and this doesn’t include uniforms, books or board (if it’s a boarding school). Considering the median wage in Australia is $55,063 a year, this is out of the realm of possibility for many families — especially single parents. Full tuition scholarships for high school students can help level the playing field and allow parents to send gifted students to the school of their choice without the enormous financial burden — for example, going into debt.

2. It gives you a greater choice of schools

gives you a greater choice of schools

Without financial assistance, an average income family’s options may be limited to public high schools in the local area. This means that they will not necessarily be sending their child to the school that is best suited to their individual needs. With full tuition scholarships, parents have a greater choice of high schools for their child, as they are not restrained by their financial situation.

3. It allows your child to focus on their strengths

allows your child to focus on their strengths

There are various types of scholarships available for high school students, including those for children who excel in sport, art, music or other performing arts. At another high school, students may be discouraged from focusing on these areas to instead focus solely on their academic studies. However, if a child is on a scholarship at a school that fosters these pursuits, they will be encouraged to focus on their strengths. For example, if your child is gifted in playing the piano or athletics, they will likely be given extra time in their school week to practice these activities. The way the curriculum is created in these specialist schools allows your child to fulfil their academic requirements while also nurturing their abilities in these areas.

4. It unlocks new opportunities for your child

unlocks new opportunities for your child

Similarly, schools that have a focus on nurturing gifted children may be better placed to provide your child with new opportunities. For example, a performing arts school may hold showcases where agents can attend to scope out new talent. A sports scholarship may allow your child to compete on a national level, while an academic scholarship may enable exemplary students to attend university-level classes. Often, these types of schools have formed connections with other organisations in the industry, which means they can unlock exciting new opportunities for your child.

5. It allows your child to be around like-minded students

allows your child to be around like-minded students

They say that you’re the sum of the five people you spend the most time with, and this is especially true for high school students (although, in this case, it’s more like 50 people!) In their teen years, children are still impressionable and can be easily persuaded by what the people around them are doing. If your gifted child is at a school where it is considered nerdy or uncool to study, it may discourage them from putting effort into their schoolwork. On the other hand, if your child is around other like-minded students who are similarly academically inclined (or excel in other areas), they will be free to reach their full potential.

6. It gives your child greater stability

gives your child greater stability

A parent may be able to send their student to a top high school for a term or two, before pulling them out due to financial pressure. This can be quite destabilising for a teenager, especially if they are being transferred to a school that has less focus on nurturing their individual talents. Research shows that changing schools can affect a student not only socially and psychologically, but also academically. They will need to adapt to a new school, teachers and students, which can pull the focus away from their studies. On the other hand, a full tuition scholarship can ensure you can enrol your child for the full six years without any disruptions.

7. It helps ensure your child’s education is in the best possible hands

helps ensure your child's education is in the best possible hands

Countless studies show that children at private or selective schools perform better academically on average than public schools. While of course, there are plenty of public school students who achieve top results in their final school exams, the fact is, sending your child to a private school gives them the best possible chance of success. Gaining a full tuition scholarship for high school students unlocks the door to these top institutions, even if you’re not in the financial position to do so.

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