English tutoring

We are the industry leader in teaching the subject of English literacy and literature for students in Kindergarten to Year 12.

English tutoring

C3 Education Group offers a breadth of tutoring options for English tuition.  We are the industry leader in teaching the subject of English literacy and literature for students in Kindergarten to Year 12.  Our HSC and IB programs are rigorous and yield excellent track record in the ATAR.  Our programs support students, parents and their school teachers and resources are written by highly experienced teachers who have taught in schools and universities with decades of experience in this subject.

Our subject focus

  • The Primary Years curriculum (K-6) aims to foster strong literacy skills.
  • The Middle Years curriculum (7-10) aims to set strong foundation for text analysis and essay writing.
  • The Senior Years curriculum (11-12) is targeted at HSC and IB outcomes. Our successful track record is evident in employing a targeted strategy that boosts results and confidence.

At C3 Education Group, our highly skilled English tutors support the development of literacy skills and composition essay writing for students in K-12. We ensure students are provided with valuable and detailed feedback to achieve excellent results in National and school exams and finally, their ATAR.

English is a difficult subject for many students when learning to write well in essays, creative writing assessments or general written exams. Our English curriculum is written and produced in-house to ensure that consultation with experienced educators yield effective learning in this subject.

We will be uploading more user-friendly resources soon. To find additional resources and tips on studying and preparing for English exams, visit our blog.

Areas of concentration

  • Understand the best approach to study, construct and revise essays, short answers and creative writing pieces.
  • Develop a deep understanding and evaluation of curriculum outcomes.
  • Excel in written expression across a range of practice exam scenarios.
  • Assess and apply literary knowledge and skills.
  • Time management skills.

Proven results

Student success is proven by achieving a personal best rather than just a final mark. Our students become better global citizens, dedicated learners and respectful individuals. As educators, we foster a ‘growth mindset’ in and beyond the classroom environment. Our success is due to the collaborative approach between school teachers and C3 educators, parents and students. A testament to this is the top ranks achieved by our students in exams and assessments, year on year, as well as students who achieve above and beyond their personal goals.

To discuss the needs of your child or to find out more about our programs, staff and methodology, contact us on 1300 235 437 (1300 C3 KIDS) or click here to complete our Contact Form.  One of our staff members will be in touch!

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