Does Cramming for Exams Work?: Find Out the Best Way to Study

does cramming for exams work

When it comes close to exam time, sometimes even the night before, some students often attempt to make up for a semester’s worth of work in a few hours. Pulling an all-nighter, drowning in notes trying to stay awake and learn everything in one sitting is never an appealing option, […]


How to Reduce Tension During Exam Time

How to reduce tension during exam

Most students at some stage will experience anxiety around exams. It is a completely normal part of student life but can be really distracting, especially for those who have external pressure to perform at a high level. Trying to figure out how to reduce tension during exam time is a […]


How to Prepare for the IB Maths SL Exam

When studying, you may be wondering about the best and most effective way of how to prepare for the IB maths SL exam. After all, there is an extensive amount of classroom materials you need to remember and understand to achieve top marks. The most prominent error students make when […]


How to do well on a multiple choice exam

You may be wondering how to do well on a multiple choice exam when you have so much to remember, often feeling like the answers in the multiple choice are there to trick you. Multiple choice exams are simply there to test your knowledge, problem-solving capabilities and learnings from the […]


5 Useful Tips on How to Improve Memory for Exams

how to improve memory for exams

Finding information on how to improve memory for exams is crucial if you are struggling to memorise the study materials. You need to be able to retain a vast amount of information, so you can use your knowledge as a tool to succeed in passing tests. It is sometimes said […]


How a Science Tutor Can Help You Boost Your Grades

science tutor

Few things are as beneficial and effective to your child’s academic performance (amongst other things) as one-to-one tuition. There are a myriad of reasons why parents choose private tutoring for their children; especially for a subject as complex and multi-faceted as science, as no doubt, many parents have long forgotten […]