The Year 12 Biology course, which has been newly revised in 2018, revolves around the study of four core modules: heredity, genetic change, infectious disease and non-infection disease and disorder. The content-heavy subject is based off prior Year 11 learning and includes a significant amount of time on practical investigations. If you’ve picked biology as an elective subject, here are the things you need to know in order to prepare for and ace your biology practical exam HSC.


Hopefully, you have already started studying and making notes – but if you haven’t, don’t fret. The easiest and most efficient way to ensure you understand all of the content in-depth is to structure the notes based off syllabus dot points. By creating notes this way, you can rest assured you know what is required of you in the biology practical exam HSC, and you haven’t accidentally missed anything that could potentially be asked. Take note of the terms used in the syllabus as an indication of how much time and focus on each dot point.  For example, you should focus on the first verbs used – for example, the syllabus asking you to ‘identify’ something will require less effort than a learning outcome that states you must ‘evaluate’ a particular concept.


Include visual content in your notes – this can be in the form of diagrams, pictures, flowcharts, etc. When you create visuals, especially drawing by hand, you are revising the concepts already learned, cementing them in your brain and making it easier to recall come exam time. For audio learners, reading your notes out loud, recording them and playing them back often is another creative and effective method in retaining as much information as possible. Whatever combination of study techniques you choose to employ, make sure you make a habit of continuously revisiting your notes.


Once you’ve got the fundamental concepts down pat and have created tailored study notes from the syllabus, turn your study up a notch by doing lots of practice tests. Doing a number of these is critical for establishing an effective approach to exam-style questions, and for developing time management skills, which are essential for successfully completing the biology practical exam HSC. You can either find past exam questions from online resources or create your own by turning the syllabus dot points into potential questions.


If you’re after Band 6 results, it is a good idea to engage in after-school practice and revision, especially with a professional biology tutor. Having the help and guidance of an expert to get ahead and stay on top of school work and prepare for your biology practical HSC exam, this can make a world of difference in being able to achieve top ATAR results and attain your academic goals.
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