The transition from primary school to high school can be both exciting and daunting. The combination of new faces, new teachers, unfamiliar environments and experiences, together with the onset of puberty – it’s no wonder the result is often a high-stress situation for both students and their parents. Getting a tutor is perhaps the best way that parents can assist their child in this transition. Here are the biggest benefits that primary school tutoring can have to prepare your child for high school.


Tutoring can be done in both a one-on-one or small group setting, one that ensures the focus is on your child’s needs (unlike in a standard overcrowded classroom of 25 students to one teacher). It is crucial to set strong foundations in primary school. Therefore, getting tutoring in the younger years allow for children to learn at their own pace, guided by someone who will equip them with skills that put them in good stead for their transition into high school.

The majority of children will face some type of learning challenge at school. This may lead to feelings of embarrassment and inadequacy, which can take a toll on their self-esteem. This can further hinder their learning. Many students often don’t want to admit they’re falling behind to their parents, for fear of disappointing them. For timid students, being able to ask questions or express themselves in a safe space, free of distractions and without the pressure of impressing their peers, can do a world of good for their academic results and confidence levels. At C3 Education Group, primary aged students are nurtured to ensure their weaknesses are remedied and their strengths are enhanced.


High school has a significantly higher workload, as well as a pressure-filled environment, so it is imperative students begin developing good study habits from an early age. Primary school tutoring will prepare your child for assessments and exams, instilling in them organisational skills to keep up with the increasing demands of school. At C3 Education Group, we assist with homework, and can aid in establishing a personalised and manageable homework and study routine that instills the discipline needed for academic achievement and excellence. With tailored guidance and encouragement, and with interactive teaching beyond the syllabus, the overall attitude towards learning can be dramatically improved – a benefit that will see them reap the rewards in high school, university and beyond.


Primary school tutoring can help students who are struggling to keep up, or in contrast, students who want to remain ahead of their peers. Fundamental skills like reading comprehension, literacy skills including grammar and a solid understanding of maths are essential learning building blocks – when students struggle to grasp these, learning more complex concepts and critical thinking becomes significantly more challenging. Primary school tutoring can help ensure students don’t fall too far behind, even maintaining their skills over long holiday breaks. Having a tutor who is focused solely on their needs provides the support and stability a child craves during a time of change and uncertainty.

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