When you sit down for your English exam it can be a scary experience of suddenly not knowing the exact words to use, forgetting what you learned in the preceding classes and not knowing the answers to the questions on the paper in front of you. We are here to help you with our study tips for exams in English.

  1. Get into your study routine

Topping our list of study tips for exams in English is about getting into an effective study mode. Doing actions like putting on a “study cap”, switching on a lamp during study time, going for a walk before sitting down at your desk are all ways of getting into study mode. You also want to ensure the area in which you are studying is quiet and free from distractions. Putting away mobile phones is a good idea to cut out distractions or procrastination.

  1. Memorise words and their definitions

Expand your vocabulary by jotting down words and rewriting out their definitions in a notebook. You can also write these onto flash cards and get your friends or family to test you on memorising important words and terminology that may be included in your written exam.

  1. Look at your notes

Lessons in the run-up to English exams always have essential information that you will need in order to confidently know what you are going to be writing about. Ask the teacher as many questions as you can about the upcoming exam and also review your notes every time you study so you can remember important dot points and rubric keywords. If you are worried about remembering information, rewriting your notes multiple times or reading them out loud can help.

  1. Research the themes

Students these days are lucky to have access to the internet where they can find a plethora of information they need. Use this to your advantage by researching the main idea and themes for the set literature texts you are studying. Exam questions are designed with an underlying implication that you understand the main idea and themes of the text.  You never know if a question like that will be given on the exam day!

  1. Look at English exam study guides and summaries

Read through English study guides and summaries as these will be rich with information to help you prepare for your exams. Looking at previous English past exam papers will also help in knowing how to study for your upcoming exam as teachers will often use a similar format.

  1. Go to the classes before your exams

Make sure you attend classes leading to your English exam. This is where your teacher will be giving you as much information as possible to prepare you for the exam, you can also ask for tips and double check what format the exam will be, whether it will be an essay, feature article or another text type. If you are away, let the teacher or a friend know in advance so you can get the notes from class.

  1. Create a study group

Last on our study tips for exams in English, is to create a study group. This will allow you and fellow classmates to share notes with each other and exchange tips on how to improve each other’s work.

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