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C3 Education Group is a provider of comprehensive tutoring solutions to all students across Australia.

Our philosophy

We are a proven industry leader who have shared our methodology and programs to establish successful track records for our students that go beyond improved results.



Our philosophy for teaching and learning is embodied in the tessellation design of THREE triangles for the following reasons:

Adaptive learning environment

Tessellations can create a myriad of forms, reinforcing to our students that learning is a creative process that is about changing and adapting to new learning opportunities and environments

Leaving no gaps unfilled

Tessellations are shapes that can be arranged in forms that will not leave gaps. This is the underlying element of our teaching and learning philosophy – leaving no gaps unfilled!


Tessellations are transformative, which is an underpinning approach to the way we are role models who can transform our students to become greater than they already are.

The number 3

THREE is a very important number to us, in that it only takes THREE points to form a plane. That the strongest structure is a THREE-legged stool/table. Therefore, this makes C3 a sturdy platform for success – for our community of

  1. C3 tutors,
  2. school teachers and especially
  3. our students and their parents.

Your children are in good hands

We are proud of our professional skills and associations as follows:

Asian Education Foundation

C3 Education Group is an ambassador of the Asian Education Foundation (AEF)

A team of experts

All teachers and tutors are qualified in their field of expertise

Children Safety

All of our tutors are registered for Working with Children

Staffed by skilled and experienced teachers and tutors, our team is hand-picked for their zeal to provide a positive, effective and efficient learning environment.  Our approach makes us a premier, boutique learning institution that is a pillar of support for you and your family.



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