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Our growth mindset, resilience building approach to school support will help your child achieve better grades for a brighter future.

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We provide a comprehensive tutoring solution to all students across Australia. Our objective is to achieve the best learning outcomes for school-aged students from Pre-Kinder to Year 12, including the International Baccalaureate (IB). We ensure our students are inspired to be critical thinkers, exceptional writers and confident speakers.

Our innovative Live Learning Platform and In-person campuses make it easier for you to learn with confidence at your convenience.

Live online classroom

Prefer group learning? Connect with our tutors and other students in a collaborative online space.
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One to one online tutoring

Our live learning platform combines video chat, interactive tools and personalised resources to create a rewarding 1 to 1 session.
How we do it

In-person tutoring on campus

Join your fellow students to collaborate and learn from one another at any of our 6 campuses in Sydney. Melbourne and Queensland campuses coming soon!
Our locations

We teach students from Pre Kinder to Year 12

Early Primary (Pre K – Year 2)

Our EARLY PRIMARY (Pre K – Year 2) PROGRAM focuses on strong foundation knowledge. It instils confidence and a growth mindset.

Early Primary Program

Primary (Year 3 – Year 6)

Our PRIMARY PROGRAM (Year 3 – Year 6) builds life-long habits such as perseverance, creative thinking and ability to express.

Primary Program

Middle (Year 7 – 10)

Our MIDDLE PROGRAM targets explicit learning strategies for essay writing, strong study habits and effective exam preparation techniques.

Middle Program

HSC/Senior (Year 11 – 12)

Our SENIOR PROGRAM is fast-paced and effective to arm students with a deep understanding of evolving curriculum outcomes for exam confidence.

Senior Program

IB (Year 11 – 12)

Our IB PROGRAM nurtures individual strengths and encourage personal drive that can open doors to overseas opportunities.

IB Program

Tutoring is what we do best







Develop the mindset that will empower your future


Learn to think outside the square and apply creative thinking to all aspects of schooling.


Gain the confidence to apply your creative problem solving techniques to communicate your findings.


Build strong communication skills to confidently share your findings with all parties involved.

Hear from our students and families

I personally never liked English as a subject, but the tutors at C3 made learning a more enjoyable and fun process while also increasing your understanding of the topic.

Sabrina YStudent

This place is amazing, I was definitely taught well coming from a student who really struggled with maths to be the top of all my classes. Thank you to Miss Geraldine, Miss Emma and Miss Christine for getting me to where I am now.

– Lachlan Stevenson

My son has gone from strength to strength since commencing with C3. Before C3 he was not doing particularly well and his marks have come up significantly; recently receiving band 6 results. C3 has definitely helped my son achieve better grades and feel supported through senior school.

– Al Martin
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We’ve got you covered

Our STEP-UP school work support leaves no student behind. Progressive learning levels ensure students understand their material before moving up.

Our team of teachers and tutors all took the same journey as you and know all the problems and concerns you face to achieve academic success. We share these with you.

We cover all the subjects you need and more.


We support the development of literacy skills and composition essay writing for students K-12.


Develop creative problem solving techniques to approach maths questions.


Our Chemistry tutoring program is centered to Year 11/12 and IB students to best approach exams.


Understand the core foundations and knowledge base to best approach physics exam questions.


Master the syllabus with our Biology program as we focus on your needs and understand exam questions.


Our Group STEM program for Grades 3-6 with strong focus on Science and Maths.


A tailored economics program to master the subject and aimed specifically to students’ needs.

Essay Marking

Get connected with experienced Year 12 (HSC) and IB essay markers to provide you with authentic, honest and constructive feedback.

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